Saturday, May 28, 2005

Day 7 - I day after op

Nigel says; A black day indeed, I ended up the night in near tears, pain & tiredness, drove me to the point of breakdown last night ( he is writing this the day after ) . The consultant was very pleased with the result of the operation. The wisdom tooth and tonsil were subdues by the long lasting pain killers. The loss of nerves, muscle and most of my left neck structure came as a shock. A fantastic young lady called Jody looked after me, treating me with compassion. She got me up, bathed me, applied my cream, made me smile and even at 21.00 kept me smiling.

At 23.00 I hit the wall like jag lag. The pain stress and my mind had reached a point of no return. At one point I sat up and cried, just wished I wasn't here, wanting to go home. I know that would have been futile but it was an irrational thought at an irrational time in my life. The inner child took over and attempted to control my life. Fortunately fight took over from flight, a trait I wish to banish for ever. The sleeping tablet worked well and I slept soundly, woken by Sally-Ann the ever present nurse ( sorry, writing has deteriorated )staff nurse who so gently cared for me.

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