Thursday, May 26, 2005

more news

Nigel is back on the ward and although very tired and sore is as well as can be expected they, obviously, would not give me any details of his condition but I shall be going to see him later on to-morrow afternoon and will then give you the news "straight from the horse's mouth". I will be listing people who have asked for their thoughts and prayers to be passed on to Nigel so that he can read them later. At my age I may just forget someone otherwise!
Jim Orr, Barley Mow.
Tracey Turner - personally ( and he knows what Nigel is going through) and on behalf of Wessex RFU
Jan - his step-niece ( I think!)

p.s. - Nigel, when you are better you are in for a slapping! He told the nurses his sister "Patsy" would be his contact - he knows I will kill anyone who calls me that!


Anonymous said...

Hello Nigel. You have been in my thoughts constantly today. I can't begin to imagine how you are feeling physically and emotionally but just to let you know I'm thinking of you.
Take care and hope to see you soon.
Jill in Cornwall
Pat - please send my love and best wishes to Nigel when you see him.

David T said...

I think all of Nigel mates, are thinking of him and wishing him well at this important moment in time.

Funny as i had a text from the great man himself last night ( wednesday)then i woke up at 2am thinking about nigel and his forth comming op,so sent him a reply! yhea like he is up that time of the morning!

Please send him my very best wishes and i am thinking of him.
I am away in Truro till sat night so wont be able to log and keep up with news so could you please ask him to text me with any updates if he can!

Nigel EXWICK needs you!!

see you very soon mate!

David T

Anonymous said...

All your family and friends are on the bus with you. We are right behind you with all of this and you are in our thoughts constantly.I think that the number of people behind you means that there is only standing room only on this bus.And if you cast your mind back Nigel there is someone on this bus who has been a constant fare dodger, namely Big Ron. A

Orpah said...

Hi, i'm heading off for the weekend, was hoping to pop in and see Nigel tomorrow morning but i'll text first and see how he's feeling. If i don't get to see him would you send him my love, tell him i'm thinking of him and give him a huge fat hug from me?!
He gave me your number, i hope it will be ok to call you over the weekend for an update?