Monday, May 23, 2005


My 3pm appointment at the hospital today to find out for certain what I had already been told and knew that I had cancer was something out of Alan Bleasdale play. Greeted by Pat my sister, her husband Ron and son Paul who tells me he is buidling the hospital its funny that because my brother said he did it 30 years ago.

The wait was short, a bit like the consultation 10 medical people lined up like a firing squad ready to answer your every question. Well I had prepared, note in hand and Pat with pen poised like a rapier in the hand like a light brigade officer, look where that got them. Alas answering of questions was poor and collectively they would of struggled to win University Challenge.

Ok I know you want the bottomline!

  • The tumor was isolated to the tonsil, it had not infected the soft palette or the throat/mouth. Good news !
  • The lymph gland was doing the job I pay it for, taking all the cancerous rubbish away from the tonsil, alas now infected with cancer cells.
  • There is no evidence that it has spread to the rest of my body, but still no chest x ray result
  • So plan of action dig out the tumourous cancerous lymph glands, all of them, alas sever a nerve or two send the lumps off for analysis and when ready start radiotherapy! Should keep me busy for three months!

Simple ah I wish, alas because of radiotherapy often unwise to remove teeth afterwards as infection can set in so that impacted wisdom teeth, on my left side, yes the side of all the action, needs to come out on Thursday, so along with a tonsil and a little matter of a few lymph glands with a dash of cancer added to removed looks like a fun packed 14 days not!

The match starts on Thursday morning for wisdom tooth and lump removal oh I just cannot wait!

Good night!

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