Sunday, May 29, 2005

Update by phone.

I have had 2 calls from Nigel to-day. The first one a rather gleeful one informing me that the coach Ron was taking to Twickenham to see Devon play Lancs ( Rugby) had broken down at Exeter! He had had a text from him and was told not to laugh! The second one at 17.00 was an update, as follows; The front tube has been taken out but there is still one drain in which will be taken out to-morrow. However, he says that one has stopped draining so should not be a problem.He is feeling so much better medically and 50% better than yesterday. Sarah has been in to see him to-day and they walked out to the main entrance ( a not inconsiderable distance!) and then on to the cafeteria for a coffee. He has been told he may be able to go home Monday evening but he is not keen to do this and will push for Tuesday. His shoulder is still quite large and the scar has started to pucker but regular creaming should sort that out.
Footnote: During one of his lower moments a nurse, of possibly Philipino extraction , very quietly asked him "Do you believe in God?". With considerable restraint on his part he replied "No and I feel better already!". My thought on this is that although we laughed about it I do not think it is appropriate for weak & vulnerable people to be approached in this way. Just my opinion. He will be ringing again to-morrow so will update then.


Anonymous said...

How you doing you old fart i here from you sister that you will lose the feeling in your ear because of the operation.You should be o.k. with that because you nver used to listen to what people told you anyway.And anyway it would add another string to your bow as a referee , because as well as being blind they are sometimes deaf.
Big Ron A

mazzagee said...

Out of bed eh. Gallivanting around the hospital and eating well. Sounds good to me. Well done. It is good to cry it releases the tension and helps you to relax more. Deep down you know that you are strong and determined therefore you will win in the end.
As soon as you get home you will be off and running. Don't be disappointed if it doesn't go as fast as you want it to. So long as the wheels of the bus keep going round and round you will be doing really well.