Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Day 13, Day 2 at home

Wow what a bruise this dragon slaying is harder than I think! My face is cover in a real shiner and my neckline is an attractive blue/yellow. Today was a good day chillin at home, no guests, daytime radio, TV and my CDs I did have to play one CD very loud during a very black moment today but "Yellow" by Coldplay at full volume made me smile, shout and sing.

On a more serious note I have moved steps closer to getting help, on Friday I have an outpaitants appointment and then a counselling session with FORCE moving each day towards the words "one year in remission" I have to deal with lots of issues like medium term work and mental stimulation so any ideas would be very welcome?

A short post today, but off for a bath and see if I can conjure anymore fantastic dreams :)

Keep attacking!


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mazzagee said...

How about putting different aspects of your life on its own plateau and moving from one to another depending on your mood. Writing a personal diary that no one gets to see and being completely honest with yourself can stretch your mental stimulation to far greater lengths than sharing it with others as you get to actually read what your mind thinks. This blogger is brilliant to share your thoughts with others and get their feedback so it can be on it's own plateau, but the diary you write to you is likely to be quite different. You might come across a new person you did not expect to meet.
Self analysis can be a great mind opener and may lead you to investigating a completely new and up until now never before imagined future for yourself. The past is history, the future is mystery so just live for now and the rest will take care of itself. Enjoy.