Friday, June 03, 2005

Day 15 - Very emotional day

Hello readers

This may sound letter from Starcross but I am struggling to sound like Alistair Cook more like Geoff Boycott as I have started to speak through the side of my mouth. This is more to do with the nerves in my mouth & face being weak and severed than a wish to be a wife beating professional Yorkshireman.

I had to cut the post short last night because the was too hard to bear.

Well this morning I am off to the Oral out patients department and hopefully get the rubber stamp on the surgery which is the last phase before I get handed over to the Oncology (Cancer) department. It feels very strange leaving the care of this fantastic department who professionalism and empathy are unrivalled in my short life time. I am sure I will shed a tear when I leave them.

I then have a counseling session at the FORCE centre in Exeter which I hope will be the start of me finally coming to terms with the fact that I have a cancer which has government led mortality figures attached to them!

Have a good day.

Hilary Roberts tips of the day yesterday would of lost you money as he proposed a double, his horses came in 1st/2nd, a single win bet of each horse would of meant that you would of broken even. We await with his tip of the day which much surely come from the Oaks meeting at Epsom.

Anyway keep attacking!



Anonymous said...

Hi there , just to let you know that Big Ron A has not forgotten you , and he will here for you whenever you want to talk or want something doing ,he is pretty good at talking to anybody whatever the colour of their skin.

hils said...

Nigel, today is another day towards recovery.
All's Well that Ends Well, remember.

The tip today is:

Shot To Fame running at Goodwood 7.20pm and Cassydora for the Oaks.

The Derby will be won by Motivator. keep faith and do the raindance!

Take care and attack.


Nigel said...


Cassydora for the Oaks. Poor choice!