Sunday, June 05, 2005

Day 17 - A tough day

Mind: Sound
Body: Sore, painful and very tired
Bank account: £300 up after the Derby meeting

I would like to put your mind at rest. The lump/nodule found last night was a small saliva bubble that burst with a hour of me reporting it to the on call duty max fax Doctor at the hospital. I cannot tell you the mental anguish of finding the lump in my mouth. I sent for Sister Browning but by the time she arrived it had burst its contents into my mouth and receded into my gums.

I awoke at 1200 today in pain. The shock and effect of deep surgery has had an effect on my body that I could not imagine. As well as the surgery I have two other issues relating to the antibiotics and unpleasant side effects, which have had effects in the “mens” room of my body. I have felt very tired for the last 24 hours and must admit speaking is hard work as the jaw muscles start to become tired. I do not answer phone calls after 2000 now as it just becomes too difficult to talk.

My left shoulder, ear and side or head are still numb. The vast majority of pain arises from here. The pain is dull at times and then sharp like electricity shocks across my shoulders and through my neck.

I saw the children this afternoon for the first time since the operation and it brought a smile to my and their faces. We had prepared them for the scars, but after 30 seconds they were off doing their own things and playing in their 2nd home. I am so glad they reacted so well which means I can get back to seeing the two people who make life worth living for.

It is time for bed, sorry to those who are expecting witty comment and satire but it is kind of hard to draw energy at the moment, except eat, sleep and drink,

Keep attacking Nigel


Anonymous said...

Pleased to hear that the nodule was nothing more sinister Nigel. Can't begin to imagine what must of been going on in your mind.

Take care and enjoy what rest you can - hopefully the pain will subside very soon and you can begin to be your oldself again.

Bye for now.

mazzagee said...

Glad to hear the news about the nodule. It's good that the children are acting normally, taking life in their stride. You will never be different to them as they know who you are and are not affected by your appearance. (Pity adults couldn't be the same.) Hopefully your pain will recede soon and you will not feel so tired. Taking the rough with the smooth was in the extreme today with your Derby win as well. I suppose life in general will be a bit extreme for a while until all this is over. Let's hope it won't be too long. Try to rest a bit more.