Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Day 19 - A "Classic Day"

Pain = 3
Mind = Sound
Weight = 3 kg loss since operation
25 strawberries, one ice cream and "mans" problem solved by Natural Yoghart!
Betting = £55 up on the day
Homemade fantastic Mushroom soup for lunch

Today was a very quiet day, the highlights being making tea for the children and having a request played on classic fm lunchtime slot. My request was of course for the dedicated band of brothers in the Max Fac department and Otter ward at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital in Exeter.

My choice of music was Adagio of Spartacus, by Khactaturian. The music like most of all time favourites has a special place in my heart. For a start it was the theme tune from the Onedien Line whose first series was filmed in Exeter and the year above me at St Thomas High School played street urchins, wow it could of been my acting breakthrough :) The 2nd reason is that the music resonated around the delivery room when William was being born. Massive tears followed.

I forgot to tell you about a feeling that has occurred since my joint clinic of yesterday. To the normal person it is an irrational fear to me it is perfectly rational. When I left the room yesterday I shook Mr McCellans hand and said thank you staring him in the eyes. It was like leaving home and going to University. I was leaving his care, his department being handed over to the Oncology department. The man whose team had given me a chance were letting me go and putting my life in the hands of strangers. It may seem irrational but to me it was important. I do feel lost but can rest assured I am now in the hands of the cancer professionals and can sleep at night knowing I will make new friendships and bonds in this new World.

I have been pottering, very slowly and gently in my garden. I love gardening and although dressed up to protect myself from the sun I was able to pot my plants ready for the hot summer we are promised!

I was able with help of Sarah to change my bed clothes and hey the thought of clean sheets and a good nights sleep is pure bliss.

Keep attacking today has been good, thanks Sarah and Oprah for her "old wives remedy"

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Terri said...

Hi Nigel: My name is Terri, I am a friend of your sister Pat, we met on yahoo many years ago. I finally met her last sept. when she travelled here to canada. Please keep your chin up and remain positive, keep good friends close, and on those black days, talk to them. I am available too at chay_63 on yahoo. or email addy chay_63@yahoo.ca. This was a great idea making this site and documenting everything. Thank you for sharing it with us.