Thursday, June 16, 2005

Day 27 Jack and Jill

Hilary Roberts crap tips: 2
Pounds lost at Royal Ascot thanks to Hils: £130
Smoothies: 1
Vistors called Jack and Jill serious
E bay purchases: Nil

It is day 27 and three weeks ago today I have the neckdissectionn, and I feel worse now than I did then! I have booked an appointment at the Starcross Surgery tomorrow to increase the drugs, alas of the legal kind, but having never had theillegall version I am not sure why I said that, old age, senility and overdosed on naturalyogurtt oh err Mrs.

There is some benefit of being ill, apart from small fat girls who fail to give up theirseatst to 41 year old invalids. You ring the surgery and get an appointment straight away, the dentist will see you today and ring the Council mention you have cancer and blimey that form is with you next day. I think I would be well suited to being a Doctors receptionist, think of the fun you could have with peoples records. Now look lets be honest faced with finding out whether your enemy in the Village has an nasty illness cause by too much over indulgence on carrot wine at the Village fete is one we would all have great temptation not pressing that print button and leaving a copy in the three village pubs. Mind you not sure they could read long words in Starcross.

OMG watching the news how adults kidnapped little kids in Cambodia for money andshot aa 3 year old in the head what a crap World we live in. Adults have a lot to answer for.

I had 2 visitors today one called Jack & Jill today, not hills, no pales, in fact they both had no crowns on but how fantastic is that too nursery characters with separate careers in the samebuildingg. Just like Peters and Lee! (I was too young to remember them but battypay told me about them)

Both Jack and Jill are amazing people. Jill is a trained armotherapist and gives the most relaxing massage ever, despite her daughter Aimee fighting her own personal battle at the moment. Jill had to contend with my snoring, but as she said proof her talents were not wasted. Now if any potential partners reading this it was a one off and the snoring was brought on by the use of lavender! Yeah right I here you say.

Whilst the NHS are very good at treating the medical conidtion the mental well being is half the battle and I am winning both. I would love to marry an amrotherapist, any offers? So Jacks and Jill thanks but next time can you leave the cracked egg head fat lad and all those kings horses behind.

I would like to hello and thanks to very special people from Lambeth TP and Big Jon Dolan who both wrote to me today and said some amazing inspirational things. A special thanks for TP for giving me the inspiration for getting back to running as soon as I get over the surgery there are streets to und and money to be raised you can hear the collecting tins rattling as we speak. Oh and thanks for the advice about the French knickers!

I am trying to think of something inspirational that I did today and as my backside was glued to the chair but then the pain did not allow me to do much more.

Well I am off to continue my India trip, which as not yet got me out of Delhi Aiport, well nothing like planning!

Keep attacking and love ya x

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