Friday, June 03, 2005

Friday update

I went to the outpaitents clinic today 2 bits of news. They may not seem huge in your lives but they are mega in mine!

Firstly, the removal was the patchwork quilt of staples were removed from neck and shoulder. Pictures above - before and after.

The 2nd which came out of the blue was that they had the biopsy results from the 32 lymph nodes, glands, muscles they removed Thursday week ago! The cancer was limited to the one lymph gland and had not spread out to the other 31 lymph nodes, muscles or tissue or the rest of my body. In essence by surgery they have removed both tumour and cancer in one hit and now the area is ready to be zapped by the radiation therapy.

I am no means clear, in remission or well but hey it is a better feeling today than at 0930 today.

Keep attacking its Derby day tomorrow!



battypatty said...

such wonderful news, Nigel! love you xxxxx

mazzagee said...

How many seats is that that you have moved towards getting off the bus? I am sure that as you move from one department to another at the hospital you will make many new friends and become familiar with many more types of illness that you hadn't heard of before. Don't forget when you get off the bus in the end to make sure to visit someone else who may need your ticket. Such good news will be well received by anyone in a similar position as you even though you have a long way to go so spreading it around here is the best thing you could be doing right now. Keep up the good work.
Before long you will be so overjoyed to have reached full recovery you will have forgotten all about the pain it took to get there but by telling of it now will only help others to understand what it takes to fight this. However, do not take for granted that by experiencing all of this you will become a much stronger and more understanding person. Not something to be sniffed at in this modern world.