Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Day 80 - A touch of the spiritual unexpected

It was 2330 hours when I was able to slip down into my huge pillows and new bed linen on my 2nd night at home from hospital. The gentle purr of the food pump by my beside and my hand wandered to the huge emptiness of my king size bed with the anticipation that I will not forever have to endure the delicate moments of falling asleep and waking up alone in my bed.

As the Church clock struck the 1/4 to midnight chime I felt my head be raised and a warm glow in a halo effect come around my head and neck area. When I lifted my head I opened my eyes to see what was happening, it was like I was putting my face into a warm bowel of water and the pain, discomfort and difgurement had all gone from my tired body. It was relief raising my head and feeling a warm "ready brek" glow.

I knew something was not all that it seemed and within a minute the feeling and sensation had gone. I turned over only to have a sensation of falling 5 meters onto a hard surface landing in a heap and yes it did hurt. I had not gone anywhere but still in the bed in the position I had been in all along.

My mobile phone followed me in a fall as I heard it thud against the floor. Before you ask it did happen just a few minutes ago and I was determined to capture a written record before that was consigned to my mind.

It was not the medicine as none I take give hallucinations, perhaps its was something more powerful, any ideas?


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