Friday, August 12, 2005

Day 81/82 - Keeping up appearances, again!

For those of us who have children the keeping up of ones self appearance can be hard, kerb stops to quell the near rebellion sounding "I need a wee" or the "daddy I am going to be sick "when now" but when you asked the question you knew your darling siblings cheeks were more to do with the vomit they have stored up rather that wind, as they let rip over their grandparents new leather sofa that grandfather was still polishing had just taken the wrappers off. Yesterday was a day very similar to that in my own life.

The children were safely dispatched via Flybe to Leeds/Bradford Airport from Exeter in a record 45 minutes against the usual 45 days by "Virgin on the ridiculous rail" I understand that William was the 1st to keep up appearances but shouting on landing "looks like we are all going to crash at his highest volume level" Good boy! as his sister went round selling look cute in pink death policies only 1 installment necessary.

I took the bus from their village, to mine, a 3 mile single trip in which stagecoach operates every 15 minutes. I managed to be sick on the bus, thank heavens for Tescos carrier bags and immediately stepping off the bus. Now the insertion of a large tube showing people that thing are not 100% in the food department is a give away however there is still personal embarrassment from an event happening in the 1st time. The sickness is foul, not only do we get the "feed" bag stuff reappear but the pain from my swollen neck and throat just adds to the fire.

I had the chance to stop my last chemo session next week and stop my RT to recover. But with more three more RT sessions after today and one more chemo next week I am looking forward to kissing the arse of cancer good bye as I drive off into the sunset on Wednesday.

I could have given up and said no more lets see how we got on, or come back in 2 weeks but I had set a plan in my life to complete the job on time no matter how painful, and boy next Wednesday at about 1230 when I walk out the RT room I hope it will be over x

I am keeping attacking! N


battypatty said...

I can just hear William saying that, in a very loud firm voice! lol. By the way Nigel - do you think it was wise to tell Ellen not to flush the loo whilst sat on it as she would be sucked out the plane? Poor child will never go toilet on a plane, ever! Sorry to hear about the upchuck episode, sod's law says it will happen on public transport. I agree with the decision to get on with it come what may - no one wants to stop for a rest in the final furlong. Soon be past the winning post, xxxx

Orpah said...

Toptastic to hear you so upbeat, sure you have made the right decision.. not so sure i would have been so brave though!


P.S... day 80... the empty space in the bed... keep telling you you need a pooh bear! They don't answer back, hog the douvet, expect breakfast in bed, and give the best cuddles :-) x

Jan - from Totnes said...

I would like to hear when your ordeal is over and your feeling slighty better and able. Whats the first thing your going to do? No matter how silly it might seem to everyone else