Sunday, August 28, 2005

Day 92 - Recovering is not easy

I was warned that recovery can be a bad as the real thing, as the treatment is still working(she meant killing things) 7-10 days after. The RT nurses know their stuff and my mouth and throat has given me problems all weekend.

I saw the children yesterday and had a great time. When the kids left I went straight to bed, although tired decided to carry on sleeping when I woke up about 9pm. It was clear that I had a tickley cough, I have these before and you can imagine the havoc it causes a cough, sore mouth, neck, tounge and throat the last thing you wanted to do was to try and chuck up all night. I did the chesty cough, the one where there is nothing to come up but just rips your insides out. The first session at 2200 the next at 0430. You could imagine how emotionally weak this had left me, any act of putting liquids and fludis into my body becoming hard and painful.

I see each day as a piece in the recover jigsaw, all is fundamental to the last piece of full recover but I know it will be a few weeks before I "lose the tube" as my swallowing will need less nights than last night than more I am off to dream off.

Night all: x

PS:New fish 14 , Pain 4 out of 10! unless I cough then 8!

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Mick said...

Hi Nige,
glad to see you are back at home. Regards, Mick W