Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Day 93 - Emotional wreck

The enforced stay of being at home is not good for me. Whilst I was able and now fit enough to drive into Exeter yesterday to buy a new addition to my blow up range! oh err Mrs! Matron pray explain, 9 foot of tender boat you fool a certain amount of time does get used in front the TV in particular when topping up with liquid food. Yesterday afternoon I had the choice of Khartoum, Tale of Two Cities and a programme about a bunch of USA makeover artists extremists knock down your house and rebuild it within 7 days.

I decided to watch all three through a process of channel hopping and timing commercial breaks. At the end of all three I found myself sobbing, sobbing for the family who have had their house rebuilt because they are real good eggs and help someone child with bone marrow donation, sobbing because Dirk Bogarde going to an innocent death and as for the last film who needed a cause? The whole thing brought the fact home that I am getting better and quite frankly the morphine reducing and allowing me my life back again. Yipee

I forgot to tell you that the only time I have "medical issues" is now waking up hour. I think half my problem is a chesty cough at the the mo judging by the rubbish I cough up in the morning. Although pain reduces when stable and not coughing, I am not sure certain things are healing, though not coughing now should be an achievement. Inside my throat its is still very sore, although taste has has come back. I am not sure when I will be able to find a nice bland solid, but might try baby food at the end of the week to give it a try as I'm fed up with nasal tubes and to be honest they will want it out soon judging by my last convesation!

Spring water goes done very well as does milk, so at least I will live but one of the funny things is I have lost the sense and ability to regulate what I drink, using a straw as I gulp its hard to stop and with taste coming back water is even more tastier. I would imagine anything fizzy would result in bubbles coming through your nose :)

Yes everyday does make me better, its a long recovery, too long for me but sitting it out has it strengths but a whole sackful of downs better dash for my daily dose of district nurse intervention.

Speak soon Nigel x


Orpah said...

I know recovery seems slow to you, but look how far you've come in just over a week. You look a million times better than you did last monday :-)

Anonymous said...

Please spill...WHAT is a co father. I've read you're blog for ages but this floors me..I've even tapped the term into the internet with mixed results. One suggestion is that a co father takes responsibility for a group of other peoples children in a rota with other parents in a commune...but that doesn't sound right as you speak of your little ones as 'yours'...confused of ooop north.

Mick W said...

Hi Nigel, Great that you are back. One thing Puzzles me about your last note. When did you ever 'regulate what I drink?' All the best Mate.