Wednesday, August 17, 2005

the end of the line?

battypatty says; I didn't get in to see Nigel as I had a bad night and I was just not up to it but Ron went in to TAKE HIM HIS PHONE ( hee hee ) and clean clothes etc. He had his last session of radio therapy to-day and there seems to be a feeling in the air that they may not now give him a last chemo session. He has accepted that he is ill and just needs to stay there and be "nursed", something which they are doing admirably. The NHS takes some knocking, and quite rightly sometimes, but Nigel can have no complaints about the way he has been treated. I know he has moaned because they have not jumped as fast at times as he would like but in a rational frame of mind he would agree with me. Ron says he is looking a lot better than a couple of days ago and is more alert. TY for your messages & jokes, he was very pleased with them. A belly laugh was not achieved but a smile is a wonderful thing to see. There is going to be a conflab to-morrow as to how they proceed and , of course, I will let you know. Pat.

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