Sunday, August 14, 2005

just drifting..............

battypatty says; We rang the ward before going in to see Nigel as we were not sure he would be up to visitors and they said that he was on a pain control level that was allowing him to just drift in and out of sleep and they would prefer he stay that way. Apart from that - as well as can be expected. We will check with them again to-morrow and let you know. At least he is comfortable now.

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marta said...

Hi pat,

Could you please give Nigel a big wet kiss from me when you next see him.Say hello and tell him hes not far from my thoughts, how ever filthy they are!.

It must be very difficult for you and your husband to watch the pain and anguish Nigels going through. I know you both have been such a strength to him, and will continue to be in his recovery. I am so pleased he has you both down there, close at hand to care for him.

Could you please say to him 'hes still my man of the year and i will push lizzi anytime he wants!'