Thursday, September 01, 2005

Day 14 after treatment

I decided to be positive and change my counter away from the negative count up of days found having cancer to days after radiotherapy finished. It seems more logical now I am recovering and moving forward with my health.

Today is my 1st RT out patient appointment at the hospital I am not sure how intensive this will be but would of though just be a check up of things and how thing are getting on. I think it is too early to hear "cancer gone" but lets hope I hear words such as treatment went well and your doing very well, I need praise at the moment if only to keep me going. Side effects can last anything between 3 - 6 weeks after treatment so need to get use to feeling as I do for a few more weeks. Boy its hard but must keep smiling and attacking! Talk to you later after my appointment.

Nigel x

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