Thursday, September 08, 2005

Day 22 - Hospial visit

I am delighted to say that my hospital visit today went very well. We discussed the issues around tiredness, fitness, diet, and weight and its all gone well. I now have some sleeping remedy called nytol. It was locked in the cupboard so they must be powerful, the chemist quized me like I was some drugs baron and seeing wether they would mix with the other stuff I have been throwing inside my body.

I wanted to go home and take one but the fear of an early night and waking up at 2am buzzing stopped me. Its the first time in my life I am counting down the hours and awaiting going to bed, I really hope they work as to be honest I have not really slept since finding my lump on the 17th March 2005 imagine the exhaustion :(


Anonymous said...

I do urge you to read 'C' by John Diamond. His cancer was very akin to your own and your physical and emotional experiences similar. He was also a superb writer. I couldn't put his book down.


Nigel said...

I have read bit of it in hospital he was in a worse pickle than I was - thought reading it hozzie was a bit hard so I left it. If you still have it put in the post and I promise I will return it when I have read it. 21 Royal Way, Starcross, EX6 8EQ