Sunday, September 11, 2005

Day 24 - Cricket!

The whole country has gone cricket mad, it does help but I am quite fond of cricket and certainly beats buying a French cottage or a grandfather clock, but this is the last time I am likely to watch a series due to life moving on and lack of SKY TV.

Some weeks ago I told you ago about Horses, big swinging heads ridden by diddy men jockeys and ladies wearing fruit stalls on their heads. Well I was very pleased when BBC lost the rights to channel 4. For years I resented horse racing, Richie Benaud would be summing up the match situation you could tell when his Auzzie strains were just about to disappoint you. You would cringe when you heard him him saying, now with "England needing 7 runs to win and one wicket its over to Goodwood for the 3.15"

If you were lucky you could try and scramble your wireless to long wave, hidden amongst French radio and 1960s radio stations somewhere off the Azores. Once again we are faced with tiny Irishmen, a paddock full of women with fruit and veg stalls on their head and identical snorting horsey beasts looking for their next pray. Of course the very posh commentator trying to distinguish whose in the paddock and which beast is which. You would be lucky to see the race and work out the winner. Then back over to Richie by which time the man of the match presentations are over and Richie is bidding you farewell and we are in for an afternoon of racing or Western films. That is why I was pleased when Channel 4 won the TV rights, but bugger what happens they start to show bloody racing on Saturdays with John McCarrick, England's answer to a human windmill! Least Rupert will not be mixing and matching Cricket and Racing! Well lets hope, pass me the SKY application form.

On a personal front I had both children over yesterday for the 1st time since May. Now when they went I thought it was stressful, but then my good friend Jan asked me was it stressful before? I said stressful and hard work yes, so no different! It was clear however that they have grown up, they fought like cat and mouse but they are six months older than when it all started. Yesterday proved to me that returning closer to them is the right thing to do, the time on this earth is short and I hope am only half way through my life. Cancer gives you a different perspective on life, makes you stronger as a person, makes you more relaxed about little things, but alas makes you stressed about your health. I had to shout at William yesterday which was not a good idea as it hurt my vocal chords, put me back a few days.

My throat is getting better everyday but my vocal chords are very sore, talking for long periods needs lots of water I have managed to stay off the pain killers for the time being.

Eating is becoming fun, thicker creamy soups are going down well, scrambled eggs, milky weetabixs, real proper juices go down well and give me lots of positive vitamins. I need to get the soups to include meat and fish now to build up protein. My return to normality is governed by 4 things: Tiredness, this is being taken care of as my body now seems to be getting what I need and do not seem to be overtired, maybe because the body is not working enough, but we will soon see, Energy levels, If I am able to eat 2500 calories a day then my energy levels are fine. Food intake It is important that I am able to get food external of my house outside of here, and with numerous soft options available. Some people have tackled solid food before me but we have to remember for the last 5 months my mouth has been through a hell of journey. Pain My pain is under control at the moment and no painkillers are required. My mouth is dry and water is a must and constant mouth washing and watering will be required for some months to come.

I have posted that in 22 days I will return to work taking it very easy, no more long hours, no more burning the candle at both ends, more comfortable hotels and earlier nights. The first month working from home 2 days a week will give me a gradual introduction to work, but boy it will be good to get back to some normality. I will review this nearer the date but its good to set a goal.

Right off to Wincanton! Speak soon Nigel x

PS: I may venture out next week to a pub for a bite to eat, just soup or something soft, a big step at this stage returning back to normality!

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