Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Day 26, 21 days before normaility hits me - More cricket!

Obviusly I was glued to the TV as the England team ground their way to a great Ashes victory. The day was fairly bland as is most of my food.

Eating is a chore, an exercise to ensure I get 2500 calories a day, add in 80 grams of protein and whatever I eat the exercise is purely one of calorie build. My weight is stable and I am working out what I can eat at the moment and what I cannot. Some food tastes normal, then 2 tastes later becomes bland and horrid, I have to forget food that is dry and concentrate on creamy sauces to accompany anything like pasta, but it goes down slowly. Eating is not fun at the moment, but life is, so eat boy, eat and look forward to your next protein full, calorifc fix of blended fun :)

The camper van has gone off to the garage after her MOT she has developed an untimely itch of cutting out every as you are driving along, sort of when she gets hot and bothered, not bad for an old girl by her. If I am honest she has been like it since I have had her but I have been to lazy to sort it, how things have changed. However, a clean bill of health before next weeks trip to Wales will be a tonic and safe in the knowledge that I will not seeking the help of the AA to get me home!

Must dash as its Ellen's first day at school today and of course I want to be there, and at her last day of school as well. I have to pick her up at lunchtime today and have an afternoon of looking after her, what a tonic when you consider what I have been through.

Keep attacking Nigel

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