Thursday, September 15, 2005

Day 29 - It is all relative

Feeling better these days is all relative whilst I amy look better, face less swollen, statue correcting itself, skin healthy, 10 kgs lighter I can assure you that my mouth is bloody uncomfortable.

The one bug that is plauging my recovery is a mouth sore/ulcer it was checked out last week so it is nothing sinister. The are a by product of chemotheraphy and radiotheraphy where the body cannot produce enough saliva to protect the mouth and repair the damage. Natural defences missing the RT has zapped my mouth and it takes time for the damage to repair, mild painkillers help but the sore on my tounge is just on the left jaw bone and affects speech eating and speech.

I can speak, its not painful just uncomfortable at times, a small price to pay I suppose to beating this dreaful disease.

As I get better one question looms in my head, why? I was so aware of health issues relating to heart, keeping fit etc I want to try and pin the reason for the cancer down to one reason. One tangible issue that I can prevent in my life from now on. It is hard because no one knows the reason, there is no reason at present I can only deduce that I sit in the 25% of people who do not smoke and got unlucky. I can cut out the 2 main causes of mouth cancer smoking and excessive drinking, and to be honest my attitude to smoke has always been abhorent, my attitude to drink is moderation, sensible approach and when you are ready your mental attitude will change.

My love of wine has finished, the tatse will leave burns on my throat, it looks like the only alcohol left that will go down nice is smooth beer such as Caffereys or Guniness wow life will be so hard!

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