Friday, September 16, 2005

Day 30 - London calling

Look I know you are going to think I am mad, sad or bad but today I went to London.

I spent most of last night in panic worried about whether I would survive the day. I packed my rucksack with a handful of high energy and calorie medical drinks, bananas I had this thought that I would be stranded in the biggest City in the UK without the ability to find something I could possibly eat.

Mentally I was very nervous, but for the record I catch a local service to Exeter from Starcross then the 2 hour fast train to London. I worked out that if I played things right the maximum walking would be limited to stations and everything could be done by taxi. It all worked well until I got to Exeter meeting an old friend John Milton, John is in his mid 40s never smoked, does not drink and told me he is recovering from a stroke.

I sat there talking about life, inspiration and my sore tongue disappeared into insignificance as we both discussed the life changes we will make as a result of our illnesses.

It was good to back in the Lambeth fold, there was genuine concern in people eyes for me not sympathy but joy to see me back and starting to get back on form. The energy levels were good as I had paced myself and my fear of my brain being on form and up to work was soon put too the test. 2 hours of meetings and I was done, acquitted myself well and was able to get my points across and understood even with my slight lisp.

I returned to Waterloo where there is a through train to Starcross. I scoured the concourse but was unable to find an outlet that served soup. I panicked, would my ensure drink with its 330 calories and a piece of fruit get me through the afternoon? Then I thought sandwich, but my brain said pointless I would not be able to eat the bed it would be too dry. Then it came to me what if I choose a moist filling, egg Mayo, prawn Mayo, tuna Mayo, alas in my haste I ended up with salmon and cucumber on brown! I bought some water and thought I am determined to get this down and use all the water I did. Well I am pleased to say it maybe only a sarnie but it took me 20 minutes to eat the contents, excluding the crusts, but managing the bread. It was the 1st sandwich for 2 months I had eaten but meant that in the outside World I now know I can eat sarnies, preferably wet ones! It was a big step and one I was very proud of.

I returned home at 1800, 11 hours after I left, tired, happy and to be honest pleased I did today, tomorrow will tell whether I have overdone it I hope not.

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