Saturday, September 17, 2005

Day 31 - We are all tired

I eventually got up from bed at 1000 this morning a record for me in recent weeks this after falling asleep at 2300 waking up at 0630 and snoozing until 0800, which is unheard of. It was clear that my trip to London had tired me out, but I was not the only the children came round and it was clear that they were suffering from the first week back at school so as you can imagine it got all tired and emotional!

The camper van is packed and stocked up with food and ready to roll for a few days away in the Welsh borders. It is my first holiday this year I had a holiday booked in Eygpt the week the lump was discovered but a CT scan was booked so I had to cancel.

I have been feeling uncomfortable all day primarly due to the state of my mouth ulcers, avioding talking help and I am able to put my tounge in a comfortable position, but boy it hurts when eating certain foods as you can imagine.

Im off to plan my route the chances of the camper getting there in one piece would be good odds at the bookies.


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