Sunday, September 25, 2005

Day 39 - Tomorrow

I set the alarm early as William and Ellen now have swimming lessons on Sunday mornings, fine in summer but what happens when its cold in Winter?

I spent the day dreaming, tomorrow afternoon I have my 1st joint head and neck clinic, it is the joint clinic where the oncologists, ENT, and Maxfax consultants assess their work and my treatment. I am sure the scope will go down my nose into my throat and a poke around will take place. I am sure there will be prodding, pointing, and saying ahhh a lot and hopefully I can get a third opinion on my mouth ulcers.

It iss early days yet but they will be able to view the tonsil area and look at other signs whether the treatment has been sucessful. There is one word I will not hear tomorrow or perhaps ever, and that is cured. I will of course let you know how it goes :)

It is a known fact that 33% of patients, 1 in 3 have a 2nd cancer within 2 years. That is a massive figure and one that ways on your mind. You just live with the view that I am in the 67 not the 33 out of an hundred and it does not seem so bad.


marta said...

Hi my darling, so glad you enjoyed the black mountaings, when your well enough i shall take you walking and show you a fantastic waterfall that you can walk behind, plus a few smaller ones.

I have read the girl in the red coat and i was moved by the story and like you couldnt put the book down until finally read.

Its great to hear that your feeling alot better and slowly on the mend. x

Nigel said...


Thanks for your kind words. We did manage to find a waterfall in the Black Mountains it was pretty impressive, worth the hike up the valley by myself and Ron.

I will take you up on the challenge next spring, as you know all the right spots to go. However, we did park up next to one lake for coffee surrounded by mountains, clear blue sky, no cars and just the sound of nature all around!