Monday, September 26, 2005

Day 40 - Joint head and neck clinic

I promised to update you and boy what a relief. The feedback from this afternoon's joint head and clinic was;

I quote the consultants "the Max Fax Consultant said everything looked good mouth and tonsil, and progressing as we would of hoped, the chemo and radiotherapy consultant is happy to way the treatment went" come back in a month, we will arrange a scan for 3 months time.

Good news indeed, you can imagine the sigh of relief I am feeling. The scan is the all important indicator but we will have to wait a few months to make that judgement.



marta said...

Hi nigel,

great news, big big relief for you. Did you take many photos while you were in the black mountains? Bet you did, e-mail me some when you get a chance, love to see some. Take care my lovely.X

Really really please that everything looks good and the doctors are happy with you. Big wet kiss over the internet X

Jan in Exeter said...

Hi Nigel,

This message today gave me so much pleasure so I can't imagine what the news did to you! Well done for getting this far but that just sounds inadequate - CONGRATULATIONS, FANTASTIC NEWS, KEEP ATTACKING!!!

Jan in Exeter x

Nigel said...

Thanks Jan and Marta

Marta I forgot my camara!

Fortunately my sister lent me hers for a few snaps and I will post them here for you.