Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Day 52/53/54 Cornwall

I cried when I left Cornwall, not because it was pouring with rain but because it holds so many happy childhood memories for me when we were a family and I was protected. It was West Cornwall I fell in love with many years ago, playing with gay abandon in the sand dunes and rock pools and hoping my children will have the same experiences.

I cried because I did not want it to be the last time I ever saw West Cornwall. I get like that fear of the unknown always in the back of your mind a slight doubt will the cancer return. I am taking the children at the end of October back, so why the tears? Who knows John Peel use to cry after Little House on the prairie and Sheila use to comfort him, so if its good enough for Lord Peel its good enough for me.

The break was well deserved, no driving and very relaxed.

I struggled at meal times mainly due to "new English menus" which does away with gravy or sauces with meals and leaves a dry dish to attempt to squeeze down with lashings of water or in my case beer. Ok it was not lashings but 2 pints one night, which took me three hours to drink whey hey!

They are trying to extend the Tate gallery in St Ives into the car park, destroy sea views of local residents if they cannot extend they will have to close, so the Tate story goes. After paying £5.50 to view 6 pictures of local St Ives artists, and 2 floors of a radical Berlin artist whose name forgets me, but 10 years ago in less politically correct times I would of called Helga I struggle to see what all the fuss is about. The main reason for extending is so that they can cater for more people in the overpriced cafe, which took 30 minutues to serve up a fairly bog standard cafe mocha, all for £2.50. I have often wondered how the beast of Porthemoor Beach was able to get planning permission in the first place considering it has all the beauty of a hermit crab without its shell!

One of the exhibitions was a 16mm film of a working revolving cafe in Berlin. The camera was stationary and the cafe revolved around. The pictures were blurred and did not even show you the view from the window!

It is not the first time I have beed perplexed, or ripped off by Tate modern in St Ives, the secret is find something else to do if its raining in West Cornwall!


Anonymous said...

Hi there Nigel. You should of told me you were down in Cornwall and we could of met up and enjoyed a cup of £2.50 coffee together!
Hope you are well. Take care and keep strong.
Aimee is having her first weekend at home for 7 months. Seems strange having in the house. Strange but fantastic!

Mick W said...

Hi Nigel, Great to see you are still attacking! Cornwall is one of the most glorious places in the world. However I've stopped visiting because the Natural Splendour is not reflected in the response from the shops/cafes/hotels. It seems a crying shame that vistors (emmets!) are, in my experience, routinely regarded as an intrusion rather than as People that are interested in being part of the magic. Even if only for two weeks. The west Welsh & Scots, NW England are, in my experience, much prouder of sharing their home. The Irish do it best of all! I wish the Cornish all the best. If they get it right there would be nowhere better. I'm sure there are some real gems down there. Where do I find them?