Monday, October 24, 2005

Days 61 - 68 - Head and Neck clinics

Today is my second head and neck clinic. The last week has flown by, I been to London, looked after the children and returned to gym all with no ill effects. The mouth ulcers are going and quality of life has improved no end in the last 7 days.

I feel I have my old energy back and after having my medical assessment before joining the local gym, my blood pressure was on the slightly above average not suprising when you consider the summer I have had. Most of which was spent on my back either in my bed or a hospital one.

I have not worried about my visit today I suppose more to do with being busy than over confidence. I remember saying after I had done a huge walk in May before I knew I had cancer saying "there cannot be anything wrong with me if I can do this walk" I never ill before and its the same now. Of course my shoulder hurts, of course my mouth still reminds me of the RT and chemo however my general health feels quite good. I am keeping my fingers crossed but will find out today.

N x

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