Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Denver Clinch

Fact of the day: 27% of women in Congo have Aids that is 760000 women; , 40 % of women. The country is too poor to buy antiviral drugs at a cost of £100 million, £100 billion the cost so far to the World of the Iraq war in military and rebuilding costs! Nice one Tony!

It maybe early but the man sitting opposite me on the train is called "Denver Clinch" well that what it says on his name badge. He proudly displays his name badge as an employee of Transpennine Express Railway Company. Denver Clinch could be one of those names that rugger club lads make up, you know like "Mike Hunt" work that one out yourself.
I am en-route to Grimsby, alas at Manchester Airport it is the only destination missed off Transpennine Express advertisement embellished at every opportunity throughout the airport. It is not even advertised on those head high adverts above the urinals that have developed in recent years from the "Happy Driver" range of Motorway service stations offering you the opportunity to purchase new car number registration plates. The one thing I am sure the happy marketers in their "apprentice" style suits and egos forgot to work out that whilst you were reading their stupid adverts you are weeing on your foot!

Doh, you’re fired!

I spent the weekend with my treasures, loves and angels. Of course my children are my treasures and loves, but hey like any other 4 and 7 year old they are certainly no angels. I like that, it is how they learn right from wrong and how they develop as brother and sister. Of course they drive me crazy, they drive their mother crazy but so what I am sure I did with mine. Although I had nothing to do with the sectioning of my mother under the mental health act, do not laugh it is a true story!

I now fully appreciate how hard bringing up children is and what challenges they present. I am under no illusions that they are at you all the waking hours even when they find their own space it is difficult to switch off. Their mum is a martyr to the cause of motherhood. I have no time for "fathers for justice" and other such groups many of who attempt to play the victim in their relationship breakdown. For years, centuries the male race through macho dogma and violence has gone around swaggering it’s testosterone fuelled passion raping, pillaging, beating and disowning their responsibilities of fatherhood.

Many mothers have been left alone with children, without house, money or a chance whilst seeds were sown or some other poor faceless women has adopted the burden of these selfish men. History is littered with horror stories about man’s brutality to women, and we all single mums now left in abstract poverty by irresponsible men whilst their lives are rekindled and disown their own flesh and blood.

Of course life is not all one way and of course a minority of men have been and will be victims but alas it is the price our race has to pay for the horror, brutality and downright selfish behaviour of the male species since life began.

Keep attacking

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