Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

Well it is a Good Friday, ok I may have skin cancer, unlikely but I may have, that is the way your mind works after beating the initial dose.

The irrationality that strikes you is; can I beat it all again? will I need radiotherapy? chemo? lose weight? not be able to eat and face those dark nights alone?

My doctors are great, Dr Perkins of the Starcross clinic, he sent me to hospital this time last year. I owe my life to his professionalism. I cry when I see him, not that he is an unattractive man to extent that you burst into tears, nor does he smell of onions but he is honest, professional and caring.

I went there because I had a strange skin lesion on my wrist. He looked at the offending skin patch, was honest enough not to give me soothing noises, but wanted a second opinion. I remember the last time he said that! Fortunately there will be no need to go to hospital in the surgery there is a Dr, Dr Quinn who specialized in dermatology and has the skills to remove things as necessary.

We discussed the links with mouth cancer SCC and skin cancer SCC and there is unlikely to be any link, his passing words were if it were anyone else I would send them home with a fungal cream and tell them in to come back in two weeks, but with your history I feel we need to just make sure.

I felt special again, wanted, back in that NHS cocoon that looked after me so well. There is a huge sense of well being that I am being looked after and cared for again, a security blanket to look after me these tender days. Of course it will be all right, but does not stop feeling afraid.

It is the last day of Will and Ellen's visit, we have had a great week and on the whole they are well behaved, cheerful, loving kids, just like their dad! There will be a tinge of sadness but then a tinge of relief as I get my life back and my ankles after the corgis have finished snacking.

Enjoy the day and here is a biblical picture for Easter, St Peters in Rome, taken this year from the Presidential Palace, enjoy.

I am off to scoff some eggs!


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Anonymous said... chocolate time man, chocolate! Glad you've achieved some peace of mind!