Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Runners nerves

It is 5 days to go to my 2nd 10k since finishing treatment and the nerves have set in. One reason is that we are just £27 short of £1500 and the second is the added pressure.

I received the follwoing e-mails this morning:

Hi Nigel
I hope that you are looking forward to Sunday!
As planned I would like you to get up on stage and have a quick interview with Charlie from Gemini FM. This will happen approx 10.30am.
I would like to give you the number 1 to wear on the day!
I will leave this at the marquees for you to pick up. Please write your 'proper' running number on the back.
Alison Birkett our Press Officer will be there to look after you on the day and so do ask for her or me when you arrive.
You will also be sounding the air horn for the start of the run.
Many thanks for all of your support Nigel

This was from cancer research. At the time when people ask me to participate in raising cancer awareness I always say yes, but it is not until after that the bad memories come flooding back. At first I thought the whole exercise would provide therapy alas all it does now is provide a stimulus for fear. I am sure Sunday will be fine I am amongst friends everyone running in the race will be there for a reason, a reason for life.

Hey what am I worried about I am alive well, feeling good see you Sunday if you can make it.

Keep attacking Nigel