Friday, September 19, 2008

Thank you so much for your kind donations

Friends thank you so much - the donation figures currently stand at £1140.

Total donated online:

Gift Aid plus supplement:

That makes a total donation of £1341.67

Your donations make me humble - thank you very much I will not let you down on Sunday.

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Monday, September 08, 2008

Overton no more!

As part of my 10k training I rather stupidly undertook the Overton 5 mile race on Sat to get myself match fit for the Bowood House 10k in just 13 days!

I came 412 out of 420, yes 8th from last! There were just 8 people behind me. I would like to thank the race organiser for describing the course as undulating. They lied it was bloody hilly! I do dislike proper races like the Overton "5" as it was the last in Hampshire Summer league.

The guy that won the race did it in under 25 minutes which means he ran the hilly course in under 5 minutes a mile - now that takes some going. In fact it was one of those horried 2 circuit courses whereby you had to try and get onto the 2nd circuit before the leader lapped you on his way home!

I strolled in with a 53 minutes and 10 seconds! My wife was pleased with that time considering the hills, I was mortified! Half way round the 1st circuit I felt like giving up. I am very lucky my treatment has only left me with restricted movement of my left shoulder and arm - the trouble with running long distances is that I have to work hard to counter the lack of control of my leftside of my body so hence it gets painful and I have to compensate with bad running posture.

I thought running would be ok after treatment but to be honest it is hardwork, but with nearly £1000 riased by everyone for my run in just 13 days time I cannot moan after all I am here and well.

I say that because I have a dear friend and dear man who is younger than me married with 2 boys and a beautiful wife. He is suffering Parikinsons. He gave up his sucessful lawyer career because of his health. On Saturday we were with them. It was a magical evening. It just shows that whatever life throws at you it should not stop you being and needing to surround yourself with things that are dear. We are thinking of doing a trip round Europe in a VW beetle, you know two blokes in VW but I think we will try the Isle of Wight first!

Whatever we do together we will be happy, safe in the knowledge that we have life and a chance to enjoy it!

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