Monday, October 19, 2009

Job done

I must admit the last four days have been really busy and very productive.

Yesterday I ran the the Cancer Research 10K and raised going on for £750 for Cancer Research.

Last Thursday I was sent for by Doctor in what I can only describe as an act out of Victorian melodrama. My Doctor who will remain nameless who in fact in over 2 years in registering had never seen me decided that he had to see me to discuss my application for exemption for my prescription payments (as per new rules for cancer patients and those suffering from the effects of treatment)

I can only say that my doctors style was aggressive and threatening. It was clear that he was not aware of the regulations and I am sure had been modelling himself on the
character "Doc Martin"

Cutting a long story short he did sign my exemption form - but has stirred up a formal complaint being dispatched to the practice manager. We should not be scared to provide feedback to Doctors because I am sure that others may have been denied the exemption because of others not knowing the rules!

If you know someone who is suffering from the effects of treatment tell them to go and see their GP and remind them of the rules!

A sense of irony hits me as I type this I have had a seizure in my left side!!! It is a daily occurrence solved by exercise and a good does of painkillers.

I had enough paint yesterday when I completed the Cancer Research 10k at Bournemouth in a respectable 63 mins - that will do me and we are approaching £750 in monies raised this year.

Thank you to you all for your very kind words and inspirational messages!

There was a rather sad sight of irony at the finish yesterday an exausted runner who had sucessfully finished the course sat in her Cancer Research shirt puffing on a fag in front of her children! Now that is irony.

Keep attacking Nigel

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