Tuesday, March 02, 2010


In 2 weeks I could be cured!!! Not is the cured sense as a rump of Wiltshire bacon but cured from Cancer! How strange will that be.

Time to call the counsellor and I am not joking!!!

That what my consultant says as I attend my final consultancy on Monday the 15th March 2010. It will have been a long journey from that day on the 17th March 2005 went I lent against my hand on the way to Cheltenham festival and found that lump.

What will be my reaction, joy, relief or I suspect a sense of loss. That maybe a strange thing to say but it is true. The five year milestone is technically on the last bank holiday weekend of may but stuff that i will take 4 years and 10 months as a fair old milestone to reach.

I have written about the anger in the past, why me, but also the post traumatic stress of cancer. I truely will blog my feelings in two weeks time as I feel it adds value to my writing to show those who come after me the "full life cycle" of cancer.

I today had coffee with a male work colleague who has just had an investigation for testicular cancer. I wanted to say it will be fine, but I know that is not right. It is like a midwife saying this is not going to hurt to the women in labour for the first time.

For every person cured there will be someone who dies, someone who finds out that they have cancer, someone who gets told they have a terminal illness.

I write this tonight in neck and shoulder agony. This being a reminder of cancer that will never let me forget.

I aim to celebrate my 5 years cancer free with running 13 miles in May, not for charity but for me, to prove to myself that cancer will not and has not beaten me.

Keep attacking - 13 days to go! Nige

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