Thursday, November 03, 2016

Cancer milestones - 1 down 1 to go

Today is my son's 18th birthday. William L Gooding was born at 0323 on the 3/11/1998.  In the dark days of 2005 I set myself the goal that I needed to live long enough with my cancer to see my children, Will, then 7 and Ellen then 4 reach adulthood in the UK that is 18.

Setting milestones during cancer are important, post treatment they are vital.  My lifestyle post cancer treatment has changed.  Changed to give me a fighting day to see milestone 1, milestone 2 seeing Ellen becoming an adult at 18 in 2 and half years time.

I wanted to live to see my son and daughter both get to 18.  I am 50% there.

This week has been mentally traumatic as I reached that milestone.  There is a natural guilt to say why me, what did I do to deserve to live 11 plus years after treatment when those around me died.  Then part of the "so what" kicks in and you thank your lucky stars that you have had 11 extra years to your life. My mind has been racing towards this this self imposed milestone, perhaps inappropriately from time to time.

However it is important to set goals and milestones and here is to the next one in 2.5 years time when my job is done.