Thursday, June 02, 2005

Day 14 - A good day

Day 14 and still positive. The 10 hour sleep helped but the contoursions in bed I have to perform to get comfortable I am sure would mean an entry in the karma sutra!

I can honestly say for the vast majority of today I did nothing, slept, ate healthily as I always do, read, watched, listened and chilled to my relaxation tape.

I must admit there were 2 events today which made me feel human and wanted, both BattyPat and Sarah showed concern when I failed to answer my phone and text messages. Those who know my house it is three stories high and it is not always easy to get to the phone in time. It made me feel wanted and human people do care about me and would be concerned if anything happened to me. It was certainly amazing to see the 2 most influential women in my life saying are you there.

I am just pausing typing. I have just had extreme pain in the region of the extracted wisdom tooth,wow that hurts, it has radiated down into my neck area and is causing me great pain.

That is better . As the drugs wear off the pain is more intense, sharper, and pointed. The pain has been constant all day and although the pain killers are helping it is hard to control it all. You need to find somewhere to hide and curl up. There biggest area of pain is around the ears, jaws and at the back of my neck, the frontal cut lines are subtle whereas the back of my head is full on pain.

I had a big smiley evening as Councillor Mitchell attended the house to clean out the fish tank(He is well known for his use of pipes and buckets) and Oprah of Powderham Saw Mill fame, both managed to keep us all in laughter all night and went away well fed in payment for menial chores and no need to buy a "toptastic" shed in the bargain.

Sorry it is too painful too type.

Keep attacking Nigel

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