Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Day 26 - Bedtime result

This will be a very short log entry over and out!

Seriously today is been hard work since around 2am this morning I have had to deal with major big time pain from the left side if my neck and a new position underneath my Adams apple. (Who named it that?)

The pain has been a combination of soreness from positions I had to be tugged and pulled into over the past few days and the tingly nerve endings returning back to normality. The left side of my face, neck and shoulder have been for the past three weeks like a slab of ham waiting the Christmas feast. Like that ham no amount of prodding, fingering, strecthing, punching can hurt it, alas the feeling is now coming back.

So the pain is reduced by drugs alas not enough to allow me to get the old white frock on, put on the wizards hat and "and see my baby drive", and prance around naked Salisbury plain or is it Brighton sea front. This solstice I think I will do something dull like get up early and wait for the sun!

I have spent the night planning my trip to India, the trip will be paid for by selling the camper van so the best hotels = best price for the camper. Now some of you say take the camper, alas there is nothing camp about my van, but my last experience was she broke down in the garage in the village 80 yards from my house! E-bay here we come but may have a problem at the post office sending her 1st class post.

Anyway you will be pleased to hear that Delhi is stop one, stop two err watch this space.

Radiation starts on the 4th July 2005, 1st Chemo on the 5th :(

keep attacking N x

Lesson of today: Wearing French knickers to a relaxation class are not a good idea!

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