Monday, June 20, 2005

Day 31 - Relaxation

I met Laura's mum today. Lauras Mum, Jackie was sat in a chair at the FORCE centre I did not recognise her as she had less hair than me. The conversation that followed was more like 2 Dunkirk verterns on the boat across the Channel. There is a black humour amongst cancer sufferers an attempt mainly to instill fun into what is mainly a dull and monotonous existence once treatment begins. I like most cancer fighters have no pain from cancer but from attempts to beat it whether it be surgery, radiotherapy or chemo.

I was the only participant today at the FORCE relaxation class, but hey it was great. I have learnt to snooze, deep breathing and gently snoring, all the time I am quietly asleep, well loudly but aware of my surroundings. The relaxation classes are a fantastic way of winding down and being disciplined about life. The discipline of turning up, meeting fellow cancer battlers and the great surroundings are just a fantastic experience. I am finding an inner self a well being in myself. In so much that I spent the day sorting out and printing a new portfolio of pictures. I am exploring a new business opportunity which would develop my photography into cards, calendars, and postcards and prints and combine a new career, this could be the last few years as a management consultant.

Today was a good day, the pain is subsiding and perhaps the Doctor was right there was an infection, what I do know is that does not hurt as much and quality of life is now a fab 5 out of 10!

Keep attacking Nigel

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