Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Day 32 - My life has just begun

We all know life moves in cycles. Today has been a busy day as have the last 3 days. Three trips to the hospital and a chance meeting of Steven Kenny the guy that I worked with at the National Rail Enquiry Service who got me into Management Consultancy. I had not seen them for 5 years and what an opportunity bagging them outside the FORCE centre. Of course I had to convey the bad news which I have adopted a script and quickly move them through it before moving on and asking them about their lives. It works as it gives people chance to take it all in, their mate, full of beans no very ill with cancer.

Today was relaxation and it was welcoming to know that one of the fellow people attending had the same healing pain as me. A sharpe, red hot poker type pain, described as nettle rash. It is spot on its a horrid type pain and I have managed to avoid it until tonight but as I speak my neck is burning and on fire.

I mentioned yesterday I maybe looking to change careers and tonight that took a great turn for the better. As many of you will know my photography has taken off and going very well, so much so that "Heron Studios" is a name that fits in nicely with me and the future business. I went today to see a picture framers and gallery in a small cosmo town in Devon which has scope to grow the existing business and develop my own photography. I fell in love with the concept, the place, the lifestyle, and over the weekend I need to view the books and establish whether I can make a go of it fingers crossed!

Life is good at the moment if not painful, it is all relative, last week it was crap today it is good, seize the good, the opportunities whilst you can because tomorrow you could be me! Think on that, keep attacking.

N x

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