Sunday, June 26, 2005

Day 36 - Aldaniti

Well Sunday was more fun.

Saturday was a morose day. The pain in my shoulder and from my left neck to behind my ear was quite painful.

I awoke late and O decided I needed a day out, went to Otterton a very quaint part of Devon enroute to Ladram Bay, another quaint beach full of pebbles but surrounded by great red Devon sandstone cliffs. We only stayed an hour because I had a meeting to attend, but the day felt normal and purposeful and took my mind off things.

I defiantly have medical withdrawal symptoms. I have not been to the hospital of over 2 weeks and it is clear that this caused me to be anxious over the weekend. I had all that involvement and now have nothing until next week so combined with a sense of anxiety of the forthcoming radiation therapy I went west and lost the plot with my emotions.

Anyway I have decided to set myself three "Aldaniti" targets each year for those who not know the full story, Aldaniti was the horse Bob Champion rode to victory to win the grand national after being diagnoised with cancer, Bob set himself the challenge of winning the Grand National.

For those who know me I have one already lined up, maybe the Great West Run any suggestions for the third.

Oh by the way wrote a letter to the local newspaper tonight after a local idiot who has nothing better to do than to write to the express and echo telling us to ban smoking from a public place was an infringement to civil liberties, what a prat!

Good night! Keep attacking, oh I have bought a boat! Forgot to tell you :)


battypatty said...

OMG Nigel! a boat! what do you know about boats! I shall link up with "Forward Birmingham" right now! ( Forward Birmingham is our local lifeboat). Are you going to get Coops to "drive" it? ROFLMAO!!!

battypatty said...

challange? Hmm - they do parachute jumping up at Dunkeswell....I know!!!! the ultimate challenge; come and be a judge at Exmouth Carnival Fun Time Baby Show. I can tell you, it is not for the faint hearted.