Monday, June 27, 2005

Day 37 - Hot man Hot!

River Exe 28/2/2006, looking towards Exmouth and Dawlish Warren taken from Cockwood at sunrise. The ship is a coaster that ran aground during the Second World War and stayed put, she makes a great backdrop.

Wow what a scorcher today was!

Today was a good apart from the lady in 91 Beacon lane who came marching over to me and screamed and swore at me for leaving her gate open whilst I was delivering, you can imagine my response a polite sorry, when she riled on I joined her in the rant!
Disciplined, relaxed moi, no chance, I am an angry volcano with naff all to lose so be-warned!

Well today was relaxation class and tonight an aromotherapy massage, I love the smell, the pampering and of course the feeling of wow afterwards just right for a warm summers evening. The sea breeze is very welcome this time of year something which I never mention.

The one thought of today was at the FORCE centre, an old boy would say late 70s struggled in on sticks flopped down in the big brother chair that I love. The old brave boy looked at me and said "I have one of these coming from Hospice care and you have to pay for delivery/collection on delivery, for obvious reasons" There was a stunned silence, what can you say to that when they deliver the chair they collect the rent now because a dead man cannot pay a bill!

I would most proberly say that has been the most moving experience I have ever had in my life, that brave guy knowing he was dying, knowing he was paying for the collection of his chair as he will not be around to settle the invoice. It brings it home to you that we do not have an infinite amount of time on this earth and some of us more finite than others.

Tomorrow is a massive day in my little World, Emma and more aromotherapy at the FORCE centre, followed by my pre ward visit for Chemo to Yeo ward, followed by the setting and positioning with that horrid mask on which sees me strapped in so they can position and mark me when they fire the radiotherapy bullets next week. I think tomorrow will be a defining day in my life in how I deal with the next 7 weeks, watch this space tomorrow.

Now I have a lot of stick over the purchase of my 14 foot inflatable, oh err Mrs, however I have bought it will be securing a mooring tomorrow and collecting on Saturday should Uncle Ron be able to refit the tow hook. However, Jo the queen will not be attending the launch on Sunday, but I do know a few queens but depends whether they will have finished choosing the wallpaper!

On that crap joke must go! Keep attacking Nigel !

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I'm such a technonerd. I thought I'd posted a comment but can't find it so God knows where it is...floating in cyber space? Anyway I stumbled across your blog while doing some research in the different health care approaches here and in the USA - particularly in relation to serious conditions. As soon as I read your blog - which is superb - you really get across what you are going through - I immediately thought of a book called 'C-because cowards get cancer to' it's by John Diamond, a journalist lucky enough to have been married to Nigella Lawson. He had throat / tounge cancer and his book in amazing. I'm not saying its a breeze to read - and going through what you are may make it harder still - but if you trackit down I think you might find it un-put-downable!