Tuesday, August 16, 2005

chemo postponed

battypatty says; Nigel rung earlier and said that they have cancelled his last chemo session as his health is just not up to it. He has a very low red blood cell count and they think he has a chest infection. They are going to get him fighting fit once more and then give him the chemo. He wants us to go in to-morrow ( not allowed to-day! - lol) but we are not going to be allowed to stay long and anyone who is not 100% well - STAY AWAY! mY E-MAIL address if you want to mail Nigel is , again, therobs1@ntlworld.com. Please send messages as I know he would really appreciate them - even if they are only a page of rude jokes! After all, do any of Nigel's friends know clean ones? Speaking to his friend Kevin, the oncology nurse, and he says that Nigel has seen the error of his ways and promises to stay there until they , THE EXPERTS, feel he should go home. Fingers crossed he keeps to it. At the moment he is just too ill to move. Ron has got him a new battery charger so Nigel & his phone will be re-united to-morrow. Pat.

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