Saturday, August 20, 2005

a day of 2 halves

battypatty says; had a text from Nigel in the morning to say he had never felt so ill and the pain was really bad. Went in to see him at lunch time and he looked so frail and fragile it was heart breaking. Holding his hand was like holding a child's hand it was so small and thin. BUT.........tea time we had another text from Nigel saying that the staff had said he was allowed to go home in the daytime and could we help? Ron has to go into Exeter to watch rugby trials so he agreed to pick him up, drop him at home and then fetch him on his way back ONLY if the staff are 100% behind him going home. If they are in any doubt then he stays in the hospital. I did have a chat with a doctor but not the one treating him. She said that they had decided to stop the last chemo session because of the bad reaction he had to the last one. It was now a question of just slowly building him up and then another case conference in about 6 weeks. Perhaps Nigel will add to the blog later, we shall see!!!! Pat.

message for "Big Ron" - his nephew Mark went in to see him yesterday - LOL.

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