Wednesday, August 03, 2005

don't speak too soon!!!!

battypatty says; they have succeeded in putting the nasal feeding tube in to-day and he has started having his first "meal" in quite a few days. The bag takes 24hrs to go through and then they are going to show him how to do the next one so he should be going home on Friday. His friend Kevin, the oncology nurse, is going home with him and staying for the weekend so he will be well looked after. I didn't manage to get in there to-day but Ron went in as Nigel wanted more things fetching from home. He says that he is looking about 500% better ( men do love to exaggerate!) and there is a spark back in his eyes that had gone missing in the last few days. Despite this, he is , of course, not feeling at all well and is raising no fuss about how soon he can go home. Pat.


Orpah said...

Been in to see Nigel this evening he is looking a million times better than when i saw him on sunday... and is obviously feeling bit better cause he whipped my bum at scrabble... not sure about some of his words though.. off to check them out!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nig - can you get a gin and tonic through your nasal feeder - think you deserve it!