Saturday, August 13, 2005

giving in gracefully

The picture are the radiation beams.

battypatty says; Yesterday, when Nigel went on the ward for his check after RT, he was told that in their opinion he should stay in but Nigel, being Nigel, refused. He argued that they were having him on Monday for as long as it took and until then he would rather be in his own home. A sentiment I am sure we can all relate to. Not having heard from him at all, by phone or pc, we texted him this morning and said he must let us know he was ok. He was not and after ringing the hospital Nigel is now on his way to the ward where he will stay until they decide his treatment is finished. He has a large ulcer on the side of his mouth, constant reflux action and his pain control is not good. Once settled, hopefully he can just gather his strength for the final push next week. I know your thoughts and prayers are with him and I will keep you updated. Pat.

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