Thursday, August 04, 2005

just a brief line

battypatty says; We have not been in to see Nigel to-day but he says he is ok and he is getting "food" in him and you will all be pleased to know "bodily functions" have been restored! :-). Paul ( his nephew ) went in to see him to-day but he was asleep and he said he just did not have the heart to give his tubes a yank because he looked so peaceful. Fingers crossed for going home to-morrow. He said, in a text, that he has it all written down so wait for the blow by blow account!!!!!!! Pat.


Jan in Exeter said...

Love and best wishes,Nigel, stay strong, keep going, you have done so well so far.

Jan x

Anonymous said...


I found your diary while searching for Ferry data. I hope you will get better soon. I do have a question ... What is a 'co-father'? I'm not English / British and wonder if this means 'adopted father' I have 2 adopted sons and they are wonderful.

Nigel said...

No co father is a trendy term for single parents who both play an active part in our childrens upbringing.

This gives the credence to mother and fatehr both being their for our children but living independently of each other.

As for ferries there is a picture of the Starcross Ferry earlier in the postings. The Starcross Ferry runs throughout the summer from Starcross to Exmouth and one of the ferryboats, My Queen was a Dunkirk verteren.