Friday, September 02, 2005

Day 15 - Medical update

Well unsprisingly I turned up at 1000 am for my post radiotherapy review only to find the person who was due to see me on holiday. No big deal but my dear friend had volunteered to take me and she had taken time off work so the clock was ticking.

Eventually Dr Sheriff saved the day just like those in all the Westerns I had been watching and saw me at the last minute. Well the bottomline is everything is going well, people say I am looking good, better each day and sounding better. It is not easy at the moment as I convinced I am fighting a chest infection not made easy by a nasal tube and a runny nose from that area.

I have been able to juice up melon juice now and eating ice cream and custard at the moment which is another good sign and my voice is coming back to its old self, even with a slight slur, but hey just like the old days. The tube I a bind but important for getting the feed and vitamins into me that the food cannot at the moment. The whole eating thing is very frightening but slowly eating soft food will get back into the swing and taking those 2500 calories a day that I need. The good news is I have been told I hope to have the tube out next week a milestone I cannot wait for :)

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