Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Day 19 -The tube is out

It is out!

The NG TUbe, commonly known as the nasal gastric tube which ran through my nose into my tummy and sustained me all these weeks whilst my wrecked throat was unable to take food.

For the last 24 hours it was moving like a third being in my tummy, a bout of sickness displaced my tube inside. I was in agony, a quick call to Kevin who advisedd that I could just pull it out or get someone else to do it. now Oprah was here on hand looking like she was the girl for the job, ex farmers daughter however she did not fancy the yank and after a quick phone call to the out of hours surgery at the Hospital saw us enroute to convince a doctor to pull it out.

That was a trial telling them that I want it out, I can and have an Outpaitants on Thursday where the tube was coming out anyway, and no refrence to my notes was necessary all I needed was a yank. I was obliged by an on call Doctor who laid me back and pulled, and boy was it a scarely tingly experience having that pulled out. After all there was nearly a metre of cord and cable, although all plastic still very ticklish.

It left me feeling a little scared and knowing that food will be become more of an issue in the next 7 days as my throat heals. I have to ensure I take in teh protein and vitamins to aid recovery which is not easy when your food intake is limited to 35% of the total food market place. But hey I now have normality in my life no tube and just my life skills to depend on so we will soon see how I progress. I am keeping my fingers crossed but I have come this far and backwards is not an option as I comptemplate more cream laden bannana smoothies!

Nigel x

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