Saturday, September 10, 2005

Day 23 - Hospital outcomes

Well day 23 after RT was a quiet one mainly through my failed attempts to sleep and my mind wandering. The trouble with things at the moment is my mind is back 100% although my body is not. They seem disjointed and on 2 different shelves.

I had a counselling session to deal with this and it was clear that I have moved on quite a considerable way.

In my body I know I am not as strong as I was and now building up strength through exercise. After my walking, I managed a 15 minute bike ride to Powderham Church and back and boy it was tough but had a huge sense of achievement afterwards. Tomorrow it will be 20 minutes, and today I will walk 1.1 miles or as its raining cycle that on the exercise bike that hides in my shed. Living in a three story hosue has its advantages as well as the stairs give me good step up regimes.

The hospital outcomes for my first check up showed good signs of recovery, shoulder and neck strong, mouth and teeth fine and generally diet ok despiet my reservations at first weight is stable and everyone is happy with what I am eating.

Eating is starting to become less of a chore, I have to put aside time to eat. time to prepare food, it has to be not too lumpy and not too solid but have managed a lasange yesterday all of 500 plus calories and numerous bits of protein. My diet needs protein at the moment so full fat milk, smoothies, ice creams etc are the norm.

I look forward to the day when I can eat a pasty or consume some toast, eat some chips or even bit an apple and get my mouth back into full action. It wil come when the slavia glands start working again so that food can be propelled to the back of my throat into my expectant tummy.

I watch TV and see people eating meals and feel like shouting stop it you are torturing me but I know its only temporary one day soon it will all fall into place and solid food will replace the slushy diet. Do not get me wrong the slushy diet is fine and gives me everything I need, but it takes 3 mins to make and 3 mins to eat quickly.

However, home made soups are really the answer and lunchtime means a homemade carrot soup for me.

Right the cricket is on time to get real, I think the country is cricket mad!

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