Saturday, September 24, 2005

Day 38 - Children

I would like to thank my good friend Jan and her two year old daughter, Tallia for the great time we had at her party today. It was the first opportunity I had since May to have both children stay with me overnight, and too be honest I was very scared that I may not be able to cope and take on too much.

The party enabled the children to let off steam in a controlled relaxed enviornment they had great fun and so did I. I was able to relax and scoff all sorts of rubbish which included skips and chocolate biscuits!

I felt very emotional being with my children. Life is terminal event, but I have realised over the past 6 months that my purpose in life is to impart love and affection to my children in the time that I am here, whether that is a few years, ten, twenty or more my purpose in life will be to ensure I give my children maximum love and attention.

Cancer makes you refocus your life and sort priorities out. It gives you time to face yourself and say what do I really want out of this fragile life, a life which still has years to run if I have my way.

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