Friday, September 30, 2005

Day 43/44 More remission

Its been a strange week with the events of Monday fresh in my mind, and things definately healing at more rapid rate than previous weeks. Ok my mouth is still playing up and my favourite tounge ulcer is a real bind despite the lotions and potions.

At some stage I must accept life has moved on from those terrible days of the summer and life has a future. I go to London next week with a hint of trepidation, I bought a new suitcase today, not because I wanted to take more clothes but to take all the lotions and potion with me. I must admit I have booked a comfy hotel and now that I am eating as normal as I can under the circumtances and feel I will manage.

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marta said...

Hi my darling, wow can i compete with your other bloggs?!

Just to say your not far from my thoughts, and its great to find out that your recovery is coming on in leaps and boundsXXX

Have a great time in london, and dont do too much, take it steady. x be in touch very soon, big wet kiss X